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Bikes Built for the Pursuit of Pavement

Whether you're a veteran racer or first-time rider, we have the perfect Road Bike of your dreams, and our knowledgeable team is to help you understand all the options.  You deserve better. You deserve a Specialized.

Performance Road Bikes

If sleek and fast is your style, a race-oriented road bike will keep you in a low, powerful position, out of the wind, and ahead of the pack. We have everything from affordable aluminum models to world class carbon fiber bikes ready for you to test ride.

Gravel Bikes

Do you have a penchant for exploring roads less-traveled? Follow your heart down dirt and gravel roads with a road bike designed for longer rides. Gravel bikes generally accept wider tires for improved traction and comfort on less-than-pristine surfaces.

Fitness Bikes

Get in-shape or around town with our Fitness bikes. They have everything needed to conquer a commute & bring your fitness to the next level.

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